You might think - my yard isn't very pretty and I have no spectacular views so I won't get any lovely photos.

Let me tell you that this is not true at all. The purpose of your session is to create beautiful portraits of you and your horse. Your relationship is in focus, not your surroundings. When you look at your framed print hanging on your wall, you will remember all the sweet moments and all the fun you've had together.

With that said, I haven't been to a yard yet where I haven't been able to find great locations for your photos. And it doesn't matter if you just have access to a field. When I first get to your yard, we will first go for a tour around the surroundings to find the locations for your session. I'm used to finding the hidden gems and create beautiful portraits for you.

If you would like some more information about having a session with me, get in touch on studio@jess.photo or call 07591862343.

Photo of girl sitting on bench with horse

Here my client is sitting on a bench just outside the school, some lovely foliage in the background.

Photo of girl standing with horse in field

My client only had access to one field and no buildings, she still had lovely photos of her and her three horses.

Photo of woman sitting on chair with horse

My client, her horse and a chair - everything that's needed.

Photo of girl standing in front of horse

A lovely moment in front of a corrugated steel wall.

Photo of girl standing in front of grey horse

A small patch of reeds between some fields.

Photo of woman standing with horse

This photo is taken in front of some woods.