Looking back at last year

Reflecting on the past year fills me with a sense of gratitude and excitement. The leap of faith I took to pursue my passion full-time has been exhilarating and a dream come true.

The most rewarding aspect of this journey has been the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and their horses. Each session allows me to dive into the unique bond shared between horse and rider, uncovering stories of companionship, love, and the unspoken language of trust that flows between them. It's been an absolute privilege to freeze these precious moments in time, providing my clients with tangible memories that they can hold onto forever.

The adventure didn't stop at personal photography sessions. This year also saw me stepping into commercial photography, where I've been fortunate to be commissioned by businesses within the equine industry. This expansion has not only broadened my professional horizons but also enriched my understanding and appreciation of the diverse roles horses play in our lives and communities.

Having been commissioned across the south of England, I'm filled with excitement for the year ahead. I can't wait to see where my clients' stories take me next. The joy of capturing the timeless elegance and deep connections continues to drive my passion for equine photography.

If you're looking to immortalize the special bond you share with your horse, I'm here to help you capture those perfect memories. Whether it's the quiet moments of companionship, the thrill of competition, or the simple, everyday joy that comes from your relationship with your horse, let's create something beautiful together. Don't hesitate to reach out and call the studio at 07591 862343 to discuss what I can do to help you.

Here's to more adventures, connections, and unforgettable memories!

Girl in blue dress riding horse
Black and white photo of woman walking with horse
Girl standing in front of grey stallion
Woman standing next to chestnut horse
Black and white photo of skewbald horse and woman in field
Beautiful photo of girl standing in front of bay horse
Black and white photo of woman and piebald horse in front of tree
Woman in blue silk blouse and coloured horse standign in field
Black and white photo of girl and horse
Photo of girl in blue dress and bay horse
Black and white photo of girl standing in front of grey stallion
Photo of woman standing in a stable with her horse
Photo of girl cuddling with her horse in stable
Photo of girl and horse in stable
Photo of blonde girl standing next to grey stallion

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