Superb riding and hedge jumping

As an equine photographer, I mostly create portraits of people and their horses. But I love to get out once in a while to photograph something with a bit more action, and there isn't much that is more action packed than a hunt ride.

I was photographing a large hedge with a drop, and after landing the horses were doing a tight turn to their right and gallop past just behind me. The adrenaline was rushing for sure! Congratulations to Clare King who rode her Cesar et Rosalie beautifully and won this leg of the league.

I photographed the Cotswold Scurry hunt race for Equipassion UK, where you can buy photos of both the scurry and the following hunt meet.

Photo of two horses jumping hedge with drop
Photo of two horses jumping hedge with drop
Photo of the leading horse jumping over the last jump
Photo of the winner of the race with her horse
Photo of horse in a field, being pampered after the race
Detail photo of master of the hunt
Photo of people attending a hunt meet
Photo of master of the hunt signaling that it's time to ride
Photo of the hounds going out for at a trail hunt