The final leg of the Hunt ride league

The Silver Spur is the final leg of the GB Hunt Ride League, and it was an action packed day with three different races. The event was organised and hosted by Fox Grant and had great food, a large audience and a good course. I love photographing these races - the horses are great athletes, and the speed and adrenaline! You have to be very present, the field of horses will go past the hedge you are standing at in a matter of seconds and if you aren't ready to take the photos, you will miss it.

As for all the Hunt Ride events, I was out with Equipassion UK, and you can head over there to see more photos and purchase the photos we took during the day.

Photo of grey horse with rosette
Photo of horse jumping hedge in a race
Winners portrait of horse hunt race
Portrait of grey horse wearing rug
Photo from horse hunt race, jumping hedge
Photo of dog from the hunt race