Photographing brave horses and riders

There is something special to see the joy in both the horses' and the riders' faces as they career around the Old Berks hunt ride course. I'm not a brave rider, and wouldn't do anything even near this myself, but I thoroughly enjoy watching and photographing it. These horses and riders are built of something different than most of us for sure.

The day included three races - TB's, non-TB's and veterans over the same course of 30 odd jumps. Congratulations to all the winners, but especially to Clare King and Cesar et Rosalie who secured yet another win in the league.

This was another great day out photographing the GB Hunt Ride League for Equipassion UK (head over there to buy photos from the day).

Photo of horse jumping hedge
Photo of two horses jumping a hedge
Photo of horse jumping a hedge
Photo of golden labrador looking at it's owner
Detail photo of master of the hunt