recipe for a horse cake

Cakes aren't just for people! This is an easy recipe for you to make a cake out of your horse's feed - making it a good option for horses on a diet (but with some extra carrots and apple to spoil them a bit).

What you need

Horse feed (I used 600 grams of balancer)


1 apple

2 large carrots


Something to decorate the cake


  1. Add water to the horse feed in a bowl. You want the consistency to be soft enough that you can press it into a cake bottom, but not too wet so it falls apart.
  2. Grate the apple and add it to the feed and mix it
  3. Take half the feed mixed with the apple and press it into the bottom of a cake tin.
  4. Grate the two carrots
  5. Add half of the grated carrot as layer on the cake
  6. Make a third layer made of chaff
  7. Take the rest of the feed and press it into the cake tin as a top layer
  8. Use the rest of the grated carrot as decoration
  9. If you wish - you can decorate the cake with anything your horse enjoys

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