Aren't smart phones enough?

Twenty years ago, it was a no-brainer - if you wanted good photos, you had to hire a professional photographer. But what about today? Surely we all have great cameras in our pockets?

First of all, yes! I love that we can easily carry around a decent camera wherever we go. I use my phone to take photos all the time, to capture all these small everyday moments that I want to remember. My professional equipment is heavy and takes up a lot of space - if I didn't have my phone, I would take less photos.

But also, no. And here are 5 reasons why.

You pay for the photographer, not just the equipment

I have invested a lot of money in my equipment, and my kit has been carefully selected to be able to show off your horse in the best way. But in the end, the camera is just a tool to make a good photograph, it's me as the photographer that actually creates the magic. I know how to use the light and the surroundings to compose my photographs, and how to pose you and your horse. I don't just take a picture, I bring out the emotion, the story, the relationship by directing what I have in front of me.

I Know how to make you and your horse look great

Horses are beautiful and graceful animals, but they will not always look good in a photo. I know how to pose you and your horse to make you both look your very best, and to tell the story of your relationship. I can help you with styling advise, and I know how to find great spots of the yard to use as beautiful backdrops that you would never have thought of.


I will be able to bring my own artistry and vision to create pieces of art of you and your horse.

I can print (high quality products)

I work together with a high-end print lab located in the UK, who creates beautiful, handcrafted wall art pieces and albums. The quality of your prints or wall art will be superiour to anything ordered from consumer printshops.

I can help you make decisions how to display your portraits

Buying wall art can be a large investment and feel overwhelming, but I will help you with what products your favourite portraits will work best on, what wall art will match the style of your home the best and what sizes would be appropriate for where you want to hang it. If you want any help installing the artwork, I can help you with that as well as large framed prints can be quite heavy.

If you are thinking about investing in having portraits made of you and your horse, but you are not sure if it's worth it - head over to my portfolio to see what I offer and get in touch for a chat to discuss how I can help you tailor-make an experience for you and your horse.