Pure elegance

White backgrounds has always been popular in fashion photography and portraiture, but it is also one of my favourite ways of photographing horses. The white background makes your horse stand out and allows me to create stunning, minimalist portraits. The white background portraits are versatile and timeless, and they work well for both classic as well as contemporary styles.

The white background simplifies the scene and allows you to focus completely on your horse by reducing distractions. Your horse's form, movement and personality get all attention.

Both dark and light horses will look good in a white background portrait. With a light coloured horse, I can create beautiful high key portraits, where a darker horse will really stand out with the contrast to the backdrop. The lighter horse will look softer and have a more ethereal feel, and the darker horse's portrait will have a stronger and more powerful look.

I don't need a studio to create my white background portrait - it can be done from your yard! What I do need is a background that is lighter than your horse, sometimes you might have a suitable wall or a field where I can use the sky as background - otherwise I have a white backdrop that I can bring and set up at your yard. I photograph in natural light only, so I won't be bringing any flashes. The white background portrait works really well with different lighting conditions and I can make your horse look stunning in both sun as well as during overcast days.

Get in touch now to discuss how I can help you create a beautiful white background portrait of your horse.

Equine white background portrait of chestnut horse
Photo of a white horse on a white background
Black horse portrait on white backdrop
Beautiful portrait of a chestnut horse in Surrey

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