My horse never stands still

When you look at other peoples portraits, it might look like their horses are just standing there and posing beautifully. In some cases that is true, but more often than that, they aren't. During a session, we ask the horse something that we rarely do - to just stand still next to us and do nothing when normally when we take out our horses, we are either walking them somewhere or letting them graze.

I'm a horsey person and equipped with lots of patience, so I don't really mind what they do - if that is cantering circles around you or sticking their head down to graze. I have my methods for creating great photos of you and your horse, and remember that I only need them to look good a fraction of a second.

Norman, in the photo below, was on a lunge line that I have edited out, and has found something very interesting to look at to his left - making him stand still for a minute. Foggy on the photo above was not standing still for more than a second at a time, but when he was, I made sure to get that photo.

Portrait of beautiful black horse

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