A large herd and many foals

The New Forest is one of my favourite places to visit and I try to get back there as often as possible to photograph the ponies. It's just such a lovely experience watching the ponies roam free. When I was there last time in May, I just saw the one foal - but this time they were everywhere.

NOTE: I have a lens with a lot of zoom, altough the horses aren't scared or worried about people approaching them, I prefer to leave them alone to mind their own business.

Photo of horse grazing by the pond
Photo of horse napping under a tree
Photo of pony foal suckling it's mother in the New Forest
Photo of herd of New Forest ponies grazing
Photo of foal suckling
Photo of horse grazing
Photo of New Forest ponies grazing
Photo of two New Forest ponies grazing
Photo of one horse resting by the water
Close up photo of pony foal
Photo of New Forest pony grazing
Photo of pony foal grazing in the woods