Meet your photographer

I'm originally from Gothenburg, Sweden but now live in Epsom, Surrey with my husband. I'm very lucky to have my horse almost around the corner from where I live. He's a small Westphalian (German warmblood) gelding called Marco. We used to do a bit of dressage, bit these days he's pretty much retired and enjoys this new part of his life of living out and being a happy hacker. His favourite activities are eating and cantering up the hills on the Epsom Downs - it's us in the photo above.

I have been doing equine portrait photography as a hobby for the last few years, but I have now decided to take it full time and start my own business to be able to guarantee excellent client service, as well as all the protections you might want in terms of insurance and contracts. At this moment, I am also a student at the British Academy of Photography to further my learning, not just about photography as a craft but also working as a professional in a creative industry.

I am always taking photos wherever I am, if I don't have my large professional camera with me (it is quite heavy to carry around!) I am snapping away with my mobile phone. There are so many beautiful everyday moments that I love to be able to keep forever.

Just as when riding, it is helpful having an understanding of the horse, their behaviour and their movements when photographing them. I have been around horses my whole life, and always loved them, and I like studying them both in the field and under rider. The horse is a beautiful animal, but what is even more special is the close relationship that we as equestrians have with them, and I love capturing that in my camera.

I commissioned a session with another photographer for me and my horse some years ago, and it was a very special occasion, and even if I normally prefer to stay behind the camera, I loved every second of it. I'm so happy for the special art that I have on my wall, and I get happy every time I see it walking into my lounge. This is why I have decided to focus on wall art and photo albums in my own business. I'm a firm believer in that we should treasure our photos more than leaving them all on our phones, and I want my clients to have those same precious memories that I do.