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Having your portraits taken might feel a bit overwhelming, and you're not sure what to wear or what to do with your hair. If you book a session with me, I'm always happy to help with advise, but see below for some generic tips on how to get ready for your session.

What to wear

Most of my clients wants either two or three outfits for their session to have some variety in their portraits. I would recommend one to be casual, one smart casual and one that's a lot smarter.

For the casual outfit, that might be a pair of jeans with a cute top or a summer dress. If it's a bit chilly, you can add a cosy sweater or jacket. For the smart casual look, you could again wear a pair of nice jeans with nice boots and a shirt or blouse, possibly with a cardigan or jacket depending on the weather. The smart look can be anything from smart trousers and a nice blouse to a ball gown, what to choose depends on your own style, the photos you want me to make and what feels authentic to you. This is the time where you can go over the top if you wish and you get to feel truly glamorous.

I love the use of accessories, and you can use them to make your outfit more you! It can be hats, scarves, jewellry or some cool shoes. I recommend to avoid busy patterns, large logos and neon colours. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable!

Hair and make up

Just as with outfits, what you should do with hair and mae up really depends on what feels authentic to you, and what you feel comfortable with. For some that might be full glam, and for some others a pony tail and no make up at all.

Although how much make up you'd want to wear really depends on you, I tend to recommend to wear some. Make up will even out your skin tones and put more focus on your eyes. Even if the look is completely natural, it will make the photos of you just a bit more flattering.

Get in the mood

Getting your hair and make up done and wearing clothes you feel beautiful in, can definately help you feel ready for your session. I would also recommend you to do something that makes you feel good and relaxed in the morning of your session. It might be meditation, have a luxury breakfast or go for a run. If you feel nervous about being in front of the camera, remember that I'll be there to help and guide you through the day, and you can also check out this blog post I wrote about how to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

To book a session or have a chat about how I can make your session the experience of a lifetime, just get in touch.

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