Things to consider before booking

There are a number of things you could consider when choosing your equine photographer. Here are the points that I think is most important.

Experience and specialisation

In the film industry, they always say - don't work with animals or children. That's because they are more difficult to direct than an adult actor would be. The same goes for photography, to be able to get an animal like a horse to look great in a photo, you need to have knowledge about the animal. If you are interested in booking a session with your horse, make sure that your photographer is horsey and understands horse behaviour, can work safely around them and that they know how to best capture the horse's physical form.


Look at the photographer's portfolio. Does their style match what you are looking for? Can they capture the relationship between the horse and it's owner?

Also make sure that you are happy with the post processing style. Some photographers rely heavily on processing and can create either beautiful, dreamlike images or dramatic scenes - while some others prefer a more natural look.

Pricing and packages

Make sure that you know what is included in the quoted price. Sometimes, it might just be a session fee. Other photographers might include some, or all, digital images, printed products and/or a print credit.

Location and travel

Most equine photographers are willing to travel, but make sure that they are covering your area. You don't want to fall in love with somebody's photos, and then not be able to hire them!


All professional photographers should have insurance, this is especially important when working with animals like horses. Make sure that they at least have liability insurance - and if they work with flashes, that they are insured for this as well.

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